It's Your Environment

The intent is to guide preservation and  long-term adaptive management of vegetation communities, plant and  animal species, groundwater resources, cultural resources; and where  appropriate enhance biological and cultural values to the Warner Springs  Ranch habitat.  It is also intended to guide non-compensatory  stewardship of adjacent lands in order to maintain ecological values  within mitigation areas and offsite lands.

The  Warner Springs Ranch-Habitat & Cultural Conservancy will manage the  compensatory areas as well as the non-compensatory open space lands  within the Warner Springs Ranch Resort for these specific purposes:

  • Provide long-term stewardship of compensatory and other open space property, including land and cultural resources
  • Conserve native species, their habitat and functioning ecosystem
  • Promote  and facilitate uses of such property and lands by the public (i.e.,  Pacific Crest Trail and California Riding and Hiking Trail) that  preserve the conservation values
  • Hold, manage, invest and disburse endowment funds in furtherance of such long-term stewardship and the other purposes set forth
  • Carry on other charitable and educational activities associated with these purposes as allowed by law